TASte - Enjoy - live

​A therapeutic group for those struggling with emotional eating

Farrington Specialty Counseling and Reidenbach Nutrition together offer an 8-week closed group for those who struggle with emotional overeating.

This therapy group is led by both:

Erica Walworth, MS, RDN, CD, LMFTA – Therapist and Registered Dietitian
Ann Reidenbach, MPH, RDN, CD – Registered Dietitian

The program meets Thursdays from 8:00am to 9:30am

The topics of the group sessions will explore your relationship with food, rigid dieting and weight loss practices, binge eating, mindful eating, finding ways to create more positive feelings, and other helpful topics for the group.  Some experiential techniques will be used.

Guided breathings, focused eating, and skills to enhance awareness of self are practiced in the small group sessions.

An initial assessment is needed before the group begins to determine appropriateness for the group.  Please contact Erica Walworth at 260-358-7180 or ewalworth.fsc@gmail.com